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Rusting Standing Seam Roof

Jim Katen

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I've never seen this before. It's a standing seam steel roof on a log house built in 1978. I presume that the roof is original. It's located in the coast range forest, about 2 miles from the Oregon coast. 

(As a side note, does anyone know how to distinguish between galvanized steel panels and galvalume steel panels when they're painted like this?)

This roof has many spots where the paint is gone, the zinc (or aluminum) has worn away, and the steel is rusting rather badly. Aside from those spots, the coating remains in good condition. 

Question: Can these rusting spots be prepped, primed, & painted to produce a durable result? Or would such an attempt be akin to patching a bald tire? 


RIMG0080 (Medium).JPG

RIMG0072 (Medium).JPG

RIMG0076 (Medium).JPG

RIMG0078 (Medium).JPG

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