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Crawl space design

John Dirks Jr

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On the Wet Coast, we add heat and ventilation. Usually a small electric baseboard heater on a thermostat, a few passive vents, and a good vapor barrier on the floor. The thermostat can be left at about 45 F to save money.

Sometimes an exhaust fan is installed on a humidistat. I'm not giving an opinion on any of it, just saying that's what I see and what the Codes call for. Hydro-electric power used to be cheap here, so electric heat is pretty common.

If they've installed furnace or heat pump ducts, that an alternate heat source.

The best vapor barrier includes a concrete skim coat. Add a chunk of old carpet and it is quite pleasant down there.

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On 7/14/2022 at 7:32 PM, Marc said:

I'd imagine that, in temperate climates, moisture propagation isn't so big an issue.

Hi Marc.  I don’t consider Maryland as having a temperate climate.   Maybe a little bit in the spring and fall.  Otherwise we get pretty hot and humid in the summer and pretty cold and dry in the winter.  

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