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Water Supply Line Near Sump Crock


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I ran across this set-up in an inspection yesterday. (see photo). There is a copper water supply line (with a water pressure guage) that terminates in a black plastic device suspended over the some crock. This black plastic device has a ballast that drops down into the sump crock. The black plastic device has a nipple for a hose connection, but nothing terminated on it. Could someone help me define what this is and its intended purpose and functionality?


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Bill -

So what you are saying is that - providing there is a hose attached to the now empty nipple, this would act as a back up sump pump? I guess I didn't inspect this close enough. It seems like there would have to be both an input and output nipple on this pump. One to take in water from the crock and then a hose to discharge the water out from the home. Am I following you?

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I could not open your picture but what you are describing is a siphon activated back up sump pump. They work very well. City water is sent though a venturi ( just like a duel line jet pump on a well ) creating negative pressure that then pulls the sump water out with the city water. The discharge is usually the same pipe that discharges the primary electric pump. Battery pump with only last a few hours, but as long as the city supply is still pressurized you are in business.

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