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Originally posted by mgbinspect

Well, I just experienced another first.

I just came out of a crawlspace in which a mouse jumped out of the floor insulation, bounded off my shoulder and dashed off into the dark.

I have an understanding with rats. If they don't bother me I do not bother them. Saw a 2 pound rat 3 feet from my face one time I moved on as he looked at me and I looked at him. He did not bother me and I sure as h*%! did not bother him. I finished the crawl and we parted in peace.

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Yeah, I just chuckled.

I have that same agreement with snakes, Paul.

Now, Opossum, that's different. I don't like 'em or trust 'em. I think it's those snaggly teeth and beedy eyes...

One time, while inspecting a furnace in the crawl space, I heard what I thought was water dripping on the vapor barrier behind me. It turned out to be the clamping jaws of a momma opossum and her babies all curled up in the rungs of an extention ladder about 5 feet from my head. She could have torn me up, but just kept clamping her teeth as a warning... Message delivered and message received. I vacated promptly. [:-crazy]

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New guy here - now how in the heck can you expect me to go crawlin' around under some house after readin' this kind of stuff, huh? Thankfully, here in Hawaii, we don't have a snake issue, from what I'm told. My last stop, Okinawa, Japan - snakes......that's a whole 'nother story. Will probably retire in coastal north carolina and inspect full-time there. snakes & spiders and who knows what else.

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Can you imagine if you had to inspect homes on Guam? 13,000 brown tree snakes per square kilometer! That's my kind of place - bet there isn't a single f####ng rat left on that rock. I'll take a snake over a rat anytime. Still? 13,000 psk. Whew!



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