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Vacation Baby!

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In the morning I'm off to Disney World for a week. The little guy was 8 years old yesterday and the time is right. Old enough to remember it, big enough to get on any ride, and young enough to really go with it. It should be a blast, though the wife keeps saying she's actually taking two kids....whazzat mean? [:-propell

I'll try to check in sometime, but high speed internet is $10 a day and I don't plan to be at a computer much.

Brian G.

Better Late Than Never for the Big Kid, I Say [:-thumbu]

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I'm tired, I'm broke, and I'm back. That's an amazing place down there, but I won't bore you gents with bunch of details, just a few observations.

As with every road trip of any length, I was dumbfounded and frustrated by numerous drivers who have no clue what that whole "passing lane" thing is about. Aaaargh.

I could not believe how many big kids we saw being pushed around in rented strollers by the parents. My son is 8, and there were kids bigger than him in damned strollers! What the....?

If I wasn't before, I am now convinced that this country has weight problem. Lots and lots of very overweight people were present, who in fact accounted for far more rented electric chairs/buggys than the elderly or the handicapped.

The handicapped get to bypass the normal lines and go right up to the boarding areas. Initially I thought that was quite nice, but by the end of day two I was having second thoughts. We kept seeing groups with one handicapped person and up to 15 other party members taking advantage of the courtesy. That ain't right. I'm all for the handicapped and even immediate family members having the privilege, but I think you gotta draw the line somewhere. The 3rd cousin of such a person deserves no more consideration than I do.

Disney is one hell of an organization. That place is gigantic, immensely complex, and runs like a top for the most part.

Brian G.

What A Country! [:-hspin]

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Glad you had a great time in Disney. Been there a couple of times myself and enjoyed it immensely. Soon it will be my turn to take grand children.

So, it sounds like I need to change my diet to fritos, Doritos, hot dogs, hamburgers and twinkies, twinkies, twinkies and stop working out in preparation for my next visit to Disney... [:-dev3]

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