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How to report this finding ...

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While inspecting a new home yesterday, I found this curve in the wall in an upstairs bedroom above the garage. The wall has a noticable curve where the rear wall and the side wall join. Since I can't see behind the drywall, is there an opportunity for movement and cracking as the new house settles? I also found this bow in the hallway in the middle of the wall near the smoke detector. It extends from floor to ceiling. Same type of issues? How would you write it up in a report?

Thanks in advance.

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It's not a big issue, but it would be very difficult to repair and the repair could even be more noticeable. It is simply a framing screw up. Looks like they have a stud out of alignment or if the other possibility is that there is a vent stack that they bent the wall around. I have seen this a couple of times.

I would make a note of it and tell the client that you really don't know the cause of it, but that it is most likely due to the framers misplacing a stud or the if there is a vent stack in that wall, that is why.

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Thanks for the input folks ... that's exactly what I informed the client it was. His main concern was if anything might develop from it in the future. Since it was new construction, I went over some of the issues he might experience as the house settles a little along the way such as hairline cracks around doorframes or such. I explained the framing issues and what I felt may have happened. Being new at this, I appreciate the confidence you folks provide when you give your input. That's why I think this board is so great. Thanks again.

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The NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines for new construction state:

4.2 Observation: The wall is bowed.

Performance Guideline: All interior and exterior walls have slight variances in their finished surface. Walls shall not bow more than 1/2 inch out of line within any 32 inch horizontal measurement, or 1/2 inch within any 8 foot vertical measurement.

Corrective Measure: The contractor will repair to meet the performance guideline.

With standards like that you're probably lucky that the walls are as straight as they are. Sheesh!



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