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Meter recessed


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I think it would be a little odd; I've never seen a "chimney drop". But, I don't know why it wouldn't work OK.

As far as the meter box in the brick, I don't think anything bad's gonna happen. I see them on occasion, & have never seen rust or corrosion being a problem. Ever.

That said, if the place was brand new, I'd like to see a drip cap or similar flashing around the box. If flashing is necessary to keep steel lintels from rusting, the same could be said for any metal assembly embedded in the brick.

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I doubt if the brick will be a big problem either, but I can't look at that without frowning. Electrical enclosures get bigger and bigger as the years go by; if they ever have to replace that it won't be fun. Was the service underground or overhead? If it were overhead and the mast got bent to hell from storm damage, swapping out the mast could be rough too. I'd make a note about the "unconventional" installation in the report.

And if you ask me, builders and buyers are already way too concerned about cosmetics over practical considerations as it is. Silly over sensible, yet again.

Brian G.

H.I. Curmudgeon in Training [:-dog]

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