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Name this chimney?

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The terms Mike used are correct (in my world), but there's big problems. I'm stretching because I'm not there, and the photo isn't that great.

It looks like a mess of common brick that's been buttered over w/Type N mortar. Common brick sucks for chimneys; it's soft, absorbs water, and it falls apart. Folks smear it w/mortar thinking they're fixing it, when in fact they're accelerating it's demise. Type N holds in all the moisture that's desperately trying to evaporate to the exterior.

Notice all that white stuff? It's water & calcified mineral salts leaching out of the brick. How about the parge coating sort of peeling up & off the brick? It's water "pushing off" the mortar.

That's what they do when they're falling apart. Based on the photo, I'd tell 'em to rebuild the pot.

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Thanks to all for replies.

I was only inspecting the EIFS for insurance renewal.

I brought the pots irregular configuration, more than one chimney present, and peeling parge to the owners attention as requiring evaluation by a professional before this seasons usage.

We are just starting to get into the 30's at night and the smell of firewood is on the air.

Silly me I thought parge was for making foundations look presentable, for a while, until it cracks and falls off.

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