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Another 1st for me. What is it?


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I think they're synthetic stucco on "durock" substrate. I have a hippie organic farmer friend that's building his wonder energy efficient house w/SIP's that are faced w/durock & stucco.

Kibbel's the historic guru; I just look @ old stuff (80-120 yrs). I watch, read, research, & wait humbly in the wings for my chances w/ the historic stuff. Every once in a while I get lucky.

Chicago burned to nothing in 1871. Not much is older than 130, but there's a LOT of stuff that's >100, and whole big bunches of stuff built by the truly last gasp of real old world craftsman. I'm real lucky to be doing this thing we do in Chicago; it's a textbook of extinct 19th & 20th century building practices.

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Wait a minute this isn't HISTORIC! Aren't you and Kurt tied to the old stuff?

The stucco on panels was on an addition to an old farmhouse.

I try to keep up to date with new products and techniques too. Most of the buildings I'm looking at have an original section and multiple additions. Then there's remuddling with modern materials.

I thought of you on yesterday's

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Late 30s - early 40s (Georgian) Colonial Revival?

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1926 or so they say.

"(Georgian) Colonial Revival?"

If you say so. I tend to look and gawk at the purdy stuff. Kurt's world is that to me. The "gingerbread stuff" is nice for the details. I stand in awe when looking at the craftmanship and compare it to the modern stuff. In my market if a home is new and selling for 150 up to about 700 they forgit how to miter anything. I'm not kidding.

Colonial is well just a cube to me. This home is about 70 miles out from me. The atty buying it has a good pratice but likes the old town square type of life. It sits on a huge lot, tennis court and has a pool. $37sf. yes $37sf.

I could only crawl about 30% but lotsa bug buffet and efflorence. 2 Stab-loks and three other poorly done panels. Look carefully at a234. Rural MS always means lots of electrical comments.

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