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No weep holes found


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My uncles house has no weep holes on the exterior wall that are made of brick and there is no smell of any sort inside but I cant tell if there is any moisture building up between the wall. And there are no discoloration or holes on the walls, so how could I check to see if there is moisture building up?

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I wouldn't count on the Tramex; it will also find nails, wall ties, & any other metal object in the wall. If it is critical, cut a tiny hole in the drywall & look.

The guy from SBI had some good things to say about this, which I found enlightening as I look @ brick all day long. (Chicago is a masonry city.)

He said, "if it doesn't look like there is a problem, there probably isn't". I've found that to be true. If drainage is OK, there are good eave overhangs, there is no efflorescence or water staining anywhere, the likelihood is that moisture equalizes its way out of the wall (if it is there @ all) without any particular problems occurring.

Then again, if the mortar mix is rich, that can exacerbate all kinds of things. How old is the uncles house?

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My position could be subrogated, so no 3rd party use of this statement......

I doubt it's a problem. The ones I see that are problems are 60's buildings w/ flat facades, i.e., no overhangs & lots of exposure. There is always staining & obvious pathways for water to travel into the brick. Utah is kind of dry anyway, isn't it?

If it looks OK, it probably is.

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