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Window screens and the report

Robert Jones

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I am trying to get an idea if any of you other inspectors are in the habit of mentioning window screens(installed or not) in your report. I usually do with new construction as a punch list item but on a home that is 25 years old? Just curious. For the record I do mention damaged screens if they are visible. This is stemming from a client complaint that I didn't see a rat/mouse infestation in the crawl space 6 months ago. Now I didn't mention that there were no screens installed also... She didn't like my answer concerning the rat/mice issue.


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I report on what's there. If even one window in a house has a screen, then I consider all of the remainder to be missing their's and I report it as such. If there are screens installed on the entire house and they are torn or worn out, I report is as such. If there aren't any screens, and I don't see any in the closets, basement or garage lying around, I'm not a soothsayer and have no way to know whether there ever were any, so I don't bother to report it.

Rats/mice in a crawl and the inspection was done six months ago? How does she/he know whether the crawl was clear and the infestation has occurred since then? The nasty beasts have litters about every six weeks and the damned things can bear young in about two months or so. Hell, they could have taken up residence after the inspection! How does she know? Did she carbon-date the crap?

OT - OF!!!


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Had a customer call me back after four months because a tree on the back of his lot fell down during high winds and did damage to his neighbors fence. I asked Him why he did not file a home owners insurance claim and he said because his deduction was to high? $1,000. Of course that was my fault also. Anyway the Realtor and I met at the house with customer and we decided to give Him $500 between both of us just to get rid of him.

Sometimes I think people just want something for nothing.[:-censore

Paul B.

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Thanks for the replies. That is exactly what I told them concerning the rhodents and when you consider the wife went into the crawl space with me during the inspection and there was zero evidence of rats/mice the argument was closed pretty quick. The screen issue I told them I had no idea of knowing if the screens were ever present. Thanks again for the replies.

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Around here, people remove the screens (mostly in the front of the house) during winter months. My macro states:

"I noticed several missing screens from windows. Client should consult with seller to determine if screens are in storage. If they are, you should request seller install all screeens so inventory can be taken during final walk-thru."



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