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Electrical Education


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I grew up with a father that loved to remodel and fix things around the house. I learned at an early age how things worked and how to fix them. BUT.... he was scared to death of electricity. Never touched it. So, I never was exposed to it, dont know much about it.

My schooling consisted of the carson/dunlop series of books. Although this provided a decent base of knowledge for the industry, I feel I need more help on the Electrical.

Can someone give me some advice on what literature I can purchase to further my education on this subject.


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1. Purchase Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings by Douglas Hansen. Get it, read it, read it again, read it again and live it. When Douglas is presenting at an H.I. convention that you're attending, or teaching somewhere in your vicinity, rearrange your schedule - hell, cancel an appointment if you have to - and attend the training.

2. Go over and hang out on the Mike Holt's forum at http://www.mikeholt.com (Douglas hangs out there too.) and soak up as much as you can.

3. Read through the electrical systems archive here on TIJ and pay attention to Jim Katen. He's the sharpest tack on this bulletin board and has been sufficiently Hansenized to be considered exteremly credible when it comes to electrical issues (He's also probably the best writer here and pretty smart about just about everything else home inspection related.)

4. Never, ever, never believe much of what I say about electricity, unless it's a direct quote from somewhere else (with the exception of these 4 recommendations). When I first got into this business, I too hadn't learned much about it. I was so afraid of it that I used to take the covers off panels while standing about 4ft. from the wall, leaning in to the wall and supporting myself with one hand. I was convinced that if I got zapped because of my ignorance that as I passed out and fell to the ground this would save my life by pulling my hand free from the panel. Yeah, I know, pretty ludicrous mental image, but there it is. That's why anything I saw should be considered suspect. 'lectricity is like math to me - I just don't get it.



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Originally posted by NJinspector


Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

Everyone that sells this book is out of stock, or no longer carries it. I checked google, froogle, amazon, ebay. Not sure where else to look.

Any ideas?


Try the Building Tech Bookstore at 1-800-ASK BOOK. I think I saw a copy on the shelf there last week.

Also run out to Home Depot and buy a copy of "Wiring Simplified" by Richter & Schwan.

Of course you own the 2005 NEC, right?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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