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Joe Ferry is no longer with NACHI

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Looks like Joe figured it out.

Quote:2/8/07, 10:44 PM

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Re: Bring Back Todd..


Joe Ferry is no longer on NACHI's legal counsel and it was not because he didn't pay his dues. Joe can join NACHI the same way everybody else does if he wants to be a regular member.

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Hi Randy,

He is, was, NACHI's lawyer and Nikofor's pit bull for a while. I doubt that he left NACHI because he had some sort of revelation - people sometimes shed attorneys when they find a cheaper one someplace else, or, sometimes long-distance relationships with an attorney are difficult (Nick is in Colorado, Joe is in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, I believe). Then too, sometimes lawyers get picked up by larger firms and can't, for whatever reason, bring along the client.

I think folks are reading too much into it. I don't really see any significance in it.



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