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Impress your clients

Chad Fabry

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Originally posted by kurt

What would be a "proper use" of a photon beam thingiemabob?

You plug it in at the beginning of the inspection. It makes neato sounds and flashes lights. You then unplug it at the end of the inspection. Now for the really cool part...you charge extra for "Advanced Noble Gas Lymph" testing. It's very much like mold is gold!

Damn! I just got outbid again!

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Chad Fabry

This tool, properly used will definately up your wow factor.

I will see your Wow and raise you a... what the???

http://cgi.ebay.com/John-Hutchisons-Hut ... dZViewItem

Okay that's a little big for the road... once all the bugs are out a smaller version for roof inspections should be out soon!

Chad started it! [:-alien]

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