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Accepting credit cards in person


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I could not find a better place to post this so...

Wondered how folks accept credit card payments for inspections. I could easily use paypal linked to my site but really want to know how it is done in person.

With my former business, I'd use a manual imprinter, then call in the card. A time-consuming and not so professional method.

The only other option I know of is to use an electronic scanner that will then upload the CC info to my payment processor. This looks like what you see in a store and I would power it via my inverter in my car. I am leaning toward this method for when I meet a client in person to accept funds.

How do others accept CCs?

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I use ASHI's preferred provider Moneris. They provided me with a V terminal. At the inspection all I do is write down the CC number and expiration date. At home it takes less than a minute to key the number, date, and charge amount into the terminal. It very easy. I looked into a cell phone based CC scanner but at the time is was $1,200.00.

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I too, copy the information down on site and then go home and hand key the information on the terminal. One thing to be aware of is that you pay a higher fee for a keyed in entry vice a scanned entry. I checked into a cellular model and was a 2 years lease at $60 a month. There was also a $24 month statement fee. To purchase the unit it was $1800. It gets you the lower rate but you have to be doing a lot of plastic to justify it.

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Check, cash or Paypal at my website. Same price for all. Most just bring a check. A few do the Paypal thing.

It's a small matter... it's against the law to charge extra to accept credit card payments, but is not against the law to offer a cash discount.

I only regret that I did not come up with the idea to get between 1 and 3 % of nearly every retail dollar and provide no product in exchange. And then after clipping the retail dollar for profit, I'd charge my client a monthly fee to cover all operating expenses and generate even more profit. In the process (pure genius) I could enslave my clients (and their respective countries) with a figurative ball and chain that in reality would burden them for a lifetime. Then using the money they gifted to me, I'd give them a mortgage (check the etymology) and create a "world bank".

If only..

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