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Good Morning America


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"I lost everything I ever had and I've lost everything I ever wanted to have and everything I ever tried to have -- before I even had it," Daniel said.

Wow, that's quite a comment.

Chris, that wouldn't have happened here on the East Coast. The house would've been only 3 inches out of square ;)

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Yesterday, while driving to work, I got a phone call from a friend telling me about this segment being aired. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to a TV, so I'm glad it was posted.

When my friend called me, he explained it as "improper HOMEINSPECTORS". I went so far as to ask him if the segment was about municipal inspectors or homeinspectors, he insisted HI's.

Having read the article, I see he was wrong, but wonder how many other people were confused too? I wish they put more emphasis on the need for private inspectors.

This is an unfortunate situation. It is a fact of life. For those that are buying the "results" it is bad. BUT, I also know when the folks are raising thier roofs or adding an addition, they pray for such inspectors.

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A recent "Good Morning America" investigation finds that government building inspectors are often overworked and sometimes lazy, incompetent or corrupt.

Sometimes? Funny how they narrowed it down to building inspectors - I see it across the board!! (no harm intended to those who know people languishing in the public sector - I'm definitely not PC).

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