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check valve on dishwasher drain line

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I'd accept it. Heck, I see so many with neither a high loop or an air gap that I sometimes wonder why half the folks on Puget Sound aren't standing in line outside of restrooms suffering from the runs. Anything is better than nothing.

OT - OF!!!


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Many of the new units have their drain line being routed up and over the top of the unit. Granted we can't see this, so we need to look for one at the sink. Also the high end units have them built in, but again we can't see this. But on new homes I always try to look in the install manual to see if the unit has one.

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I spent six years installing them five days a week for Sears.It was our most common install,and they would give me $35.00@ plus 25% of extra pay on what I bid at the customers home for anything needed such as cutting or rebuilding cabinets and running electric,waterlines,shutoffs,etc;

Just check that they used both screws in the brackets,that it is centered so the door does not rub against anything.Make sure it has a shutoff under the sink,and check that the drain line has a trap going to above the level of the sink basin bottom.They never made us use aerators if they were not there already.

Nothing that complicated.

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