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Alive and Well!


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I've gotten a few emails from TIJ members asking if I'm still alive. Last I checked, yes.

I used to be a regular, but the last six months or so, I've been MIA. All is going very well, just been busy being a "manager" and raising a wife and three kids. I've also been working on a couple projects related to my neverending pursuit of fame, fortune and early retirement. Hope to have some good news on that in the coming months...

Happy Father's Day to all!

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Hi Chris,

It's very good to hear from you again. Scott W. hasn't been here much either. I kind of missed the friendly sparring between you two. Have you been giving him such a run for his money in your market that both of you were too busy to stop in?



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Those new Maytag washers come in nice boxes. They have a double layer of cardboard for the top, so you just need a few newspapers and the top works as a bed! Fairly weatherproof, but not too good in high winds. My family and me spent a summer in one a few years back. Snuggled up to the dumpster and quite close to the Red Lobster back door buffet.

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Originally posted by kurt

Fame, fortune, early retirement? Got any good ideas?

You missed your chance to impregnate Anna Nicole. I hear Paris is still single [:-crazy]

What about this one...

I got a call from an old friend that I have not talked to in many years and he said that he knew I would be interested in an honest way to make a lot of easy money. It took him about 15 minutes of discussion before he admitted that it was a multi-level marketing program that required me to purchase samples to sell in order to get rich.

I told him that I don't like to mix business with friendship. He told me that I don't have to be his friend. I Hung up.

Next idea please

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The number one way to get rich fast - Open a home inspector school that would cut down on the lengthy time it now takes to be certified. Cut the 5day korse down to tu deys and add a gold embossed label that reads "CMI". That way it could mean: Certified Master Inspector, Certified Mold Inspector, Can't Make It, etc.....

Anyway, glad to see Chris is back onboard! Scott likely lost so much weight he blew away!

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I haven't heard anything about the lovely Ms. Prickett calling around offering to sell inspection tools cheap, so I knew you weren't dead. No rest for the weary, eh Brother P? [:-crazy][-crzwom]

For my retirement I plan to move in on my kids and become a burden. Payback time! [:-drool]

Hey! I think my Depends is full again!!!

Brian G.

Tis the Season to be Busy [:-tophat]

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