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Leaking Whirlpool Switch

Jerry Simon

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Builder warranty inspection...

Plumber told client that if the tub water level is above the whirlpool switch, it will naturally leak (and it is). I don't think it should leak. Told the client to contact the tub manufacturer

Image Insert:


131.98 KB, but does anyone here know for sure. Does anyone know a *fix*. Thanks much.

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I dont know for sure but shouldnt there be an o-ring to stop water from leaking out around the shaft of the switch? Then you have the switch plate. Caulk or a seal underneath it should prevent leaks.

We're not talking about water under pressure here. I think if it leaks its either a poor design or poor instalation.

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Jerry, even though they are in the tub they are not designed to be submerged. If they leak, they were probably not properly installed, but these controls sit above the water level with a person (or sometimes two persons) in the tub. None of the tub manufacturers make a tub with controls that are designed to be beneath the water level.

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