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What is this thing?


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Chris (not Terry)

That makes sense,it would prevent the bathroom gfci from nuisance tripping when they turned of their electric tooth brush or hair clippers or some other "vibrator motor". A capacitor in line would act like a shock absorber (double entendre intended)and for a brief millisecond or two would discharge to the low side of the amperage differential preventing a "trip" at the gfci.

A low microfarad (in fact probably a nanofarad or a picofarad value)capacitor probably would add a millisecond or two to the trip and not significantly increase the shock exposure.

I reserve the right to be full of crap.

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How would this work? In HVAC, a capacitor has two leads (sort of in and out but not really) and is used to either "kick" start a motor as with a start capacitor or throw it out of phase as with a run capacitor.

When the capacitor discharges wouldn't that defeat its purpose of protecting a GFCI?


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I just read a bunch of stuff. I'm pretty sure that it's a capacitor, but I'm reverting to the original theory of RFI protection "noise reduction". In AC cirucits current flow through a capacitor oscillates from hot to neutral. The same amount of current goes out that came in but it's now 90 degrees out of phase. It's the phase change that makes em so handy running motors.

The fact that it's been installed on the GFCI circuit may have to do with flourescent lighting in the bathroom and the capacitor could equalize the circuit when the ballast field collapses. It may also be pure coincedence that it's on that breaker.

Hell I don't know. Where's Douglas? Where's Cramer? Good God where will this all end?

Chris (not Terry)...go back and see if there's a uF rating on that thing.

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Don't you know the government has black ops teams wiring these brain reading monitors into the net in every home in the U.S.? If you don't want them reading your thoughts, make sure you are sleeping with aluminum foil on your head and get a barium enema twice a month.



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