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California What?


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It ain't pretty. However, if the roofer used a full 36inch wide roll of ice and water shield membrane beneath that valley and if that valley flashing is a full 20 inches wide as it should be, it probably won't ever leak.

The trick is knowing whether he did or not. That's a lot of ifs. Ouija board anyone?



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This has been going on for the last 2 years and I have just discovered it yesterday.

I have a call to the manufacturer's technical support.

The roofing association does not allow it but can't really enforce the industry.

My quandry is the reporting of this roof as new and my client assuming it's under full warranty when it's not.

I wonder if Dr. Phil has an answer?

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It's the same here with the NRCA and ARMA. They strongly recommend drip edging at the rakes and eaves of every asphalt roof, but 98% of the roofers here don't use it. Instead, they extend the first course of shingles about 2 - 2-1/2 inches into the gutter where it will get damaged by joe homeowner as he tries to clean out his gutters and eventually result in rotten edges at about 5% of the houses where the technique is used.

Is ice and water shield commonly used up where you are? Seems like it would be, given the extreme temperatures and snows.



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Ice and water shield is used only on custom homes that specify it. When I see it, I go in partial shock for a second, not believing my eyes.

Here is something you won't believe, we are the only Province out of ten, maybe the world, that still allows for eave protection...............POLY.

Yes, I said the plastic stuff in a roll a.k.a. visqueen. And again the poor consumer gets the stick, no warranty, the manufacturer will void their guarantee on site.

As I write this, it gives me the idea of including a construction scam link to my website for people to get the proper advise and avoid common pitfalls.

Maybe we should all get together and write a book on the scams we run across.

Construction Scams EXPOSED

$29.95 plus tax

What do ya think?

BTW the roofing association calls it a California Valley.

Why not! Lets blame the neighbours for our screw ups.

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Here in Kansas City I've heard rumors and old wife's tales about things like: ice and water shields on roofing; bathroom exhaust fans that vent to the outside (versus terminating in the attic); and about weep holes in brick siding - but I think they're just fairy tales handed down from one generation of Home Inspectors to another generation, BECAUSE in 26 years of inspecting I've never seen them.

Either that or they must be terribly expensive, or why wouldn't our quality conscious builders put them in.

Dan Bowers, CRI (From The Real World)

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