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Stone Thinks The Inspector Screwed Up THIS Recall


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I didn’t realize it either, at least not until I was deep into typing out a reply about that column. I vaguely recalled (no pun intended) reading about it a while ago, so I did a search.

Barry Stone is usually dead-on with his answers, but at times, he does seem to miss by a mile. One of these is from January 12, titled "Two Buyers With Hot Water Problems".

The buyer bought a bank owned house that didn’t have the gas turned on during an inspection. The inspector didn’t discover that the upstairs bathrooms were supplied with hot water only. The buyer states “Our plumber says there is a cross-connection of the hot and cold water lines somewhere in the building and that it will be difficult to find where the problem is.â€

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Since I type so slowly, these are out of order. What else is new?

Originally posted by Chad Fabry

"It's deja vu all over again"

First, that line just cracks me up.

Me too. That's why it's not the first time I've stolen it.

Second, Joe, I think Mike's tone "sounded" a little snippy. Do you think he "sounded" snippy?

Technically speaking ..... and ONLY technically speaking, Mike's written words didn't "SOUND" a little snippy.

I'm ducking now

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Snippity huh?

I'll give you snippity. Good thing I'm not back on the east coast, I'd be getting in my car for a little jaunt to Rochester and to Nazareth and would bringing a pair of scissors to do a some real snippin'.

After that, there'd be a new pair of sopranos singing at the met, doncha know - Chadwina and Josephina. [:-bonc01]

OT - OF!!!


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