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50's "Grounded" Wiring


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In my neck of the woods, they began wiring with three-wire cable in the 50's; however, they used the bare ground wire to bond the metal j-box and not the outlet. They still used a two-slot receptacle. The copper hot and neutral would be standard 12 or 14 gage but the ground wire would be16 gage.

Is it acceptable to install a jumper from the bonded / grounded metal j-box to a new three-slot outlet?

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Hi Randy,

I think the answer is yes. If memory serves, it has to be a pair of pigtails; one on the receptacle, one on the box, with a wire nut joining them. I could be wrong on that though; I'm remembering it from a Q & A electrical board from a lot of years ago. I'd probably just write the recommendation to add jumpers and let the sparky figure it out.

OT - OF!!!


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