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Professional repairs ???

el gato

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It looks almost like there are shingle slots aimed toward the center from the upper right, lower left, and lower right, as if it's where peaked roofs meet the slope of a third with a dead-ended valley in the center. Is it? If so, which way does that valley drain - to the upper left of the picture or lower right?

OT - OF!!!


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I might be mistaken, but I seem to be seeing two ridges, with the missing tab in the corner(???). Very odd looking as far the way the shingles have been laid, and I can't quite get my head around that (do we have a wide shot?).

However, I'm not sure what is meant by "upside down". It just looks like a tab blew off before the normal adhesive strip on the layer beneath had a chance to stick.

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Hi Phil,

If the shingles are somewhere within their normal service life of 20 t0 25 years and have been properly maintained, they are only slippery if there's a pretty substantial layer of moss or algae on them, or in the winter when a layer of ice glazes them over. Otherwise, it's kind of like walking on really course sandpaper. Of course, when they near end of service life the protective stone granules tend to slough off underfoot and then it can get dicey.

Oh, and shingles with red granules - they seem to slough off more, and sooner, than others.



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