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Daddy Takes Care of Daughter


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It's a 3-year old house.

The owner's father is apparently a retired carpenter with some pretty decent skills because he did a wonderful job of converting this garage into a media room. However, I think that the carpentry is where his skills leave off. He never got a permit to convert the garage into interior living space, didn't install the appropriate number of electrical receptacles, built these cabinets right in front of a service panel instead of leaving adequate working space, and, the coup de gras - he packed the service panel with this pile of cellulose; apparently to prevent heat loss through the back wall of the garage.

Those 4/0 SEC's were pretty warm to the touch with only a light load on 'cuz the owner has moved out. I used a wood dowel to brush as much of the cellulose out of the panel as possible. Within minutes, those two cables began cooling off.

Some folks can be kind of light in the common sense department.

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