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A/C Clean & Check


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Would it be inappropriate to have boilerplate that says something to the effect of recommending a "clean & check, including sanitizing the evap coil", if the unit is more than a few years old, and there isn't any regular record of maintenance?

It's the sanitizing of the evap coil that I'm focusing on here, but would it be a cop-out on the HVAC portion of the inspection? A person could arguably put this in most of their reports, yes or no?

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If you can't inspect the coil and it's got some miles on it, warning the client that it might need cleaning is not a cop-out. I lean on it a little more if they have a good-&-dirty air filter, a likely sign that it doesn't get changed much. "Sanitized" is an awfully strong word for this situation though, "clean" should be sufficient (IMHO).

I wish they would pass a law requiring easy access to evaporator coils, I'd love to able to inspect every last one.

Brian G.

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Another red flag is a buildup of dirt on the supply registers. They can have a new filter and just vacuumed the return air box/duct before I got there but if the supplies are dirty I call it out as a lack of maintenance and recommend cleaning of the entire system including the coil.

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