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Where is it located?


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I had our local gas company come out due to a gas smell. The leak came before the meter so they had to dig a hole and repair the pipe and replace my meter. They would not turn the gas back on until my radon fan (which was 2 feet away) and the receptacle (which was 2 1/2 feet away) was disconnected and relocated. They helped me out by installing a regulator that was threaded at the port and terminated the vent 3 feet from the radon motor. The guy that found the gas leak and told me about the electric being too close to the meter told me the code in the National Fuel Gas Code book but when I looked it up, it didn't exist. Where is this code?

I have called this out in the past and the buyers have gotten mixed information depending on who from NIPSCO (our local gas company) goes out. I made a complaint to NIPSCO but the only response I got was they do have it on record about my electric being too close and it was the right call but will not give me any more information verbally or in writing.[:-boggled

It's pissing me off.

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My gas meter after correction.

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