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Infrared space heaters

Michael Carson

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Well, I can tell you that they really work.

Back in the winter of 95/96 I bought some to keep the MPs that worked the entrance gates at Ft. Carson warm in those wind-swept gate shacks. We put one small one inside mounted on the ceiling and had another long one that had wheels and handles like a dolly and was wheeled outside and pointed at where the MP would stand as he flagged cars through the gate and would stop them.

The wind out there at those gates blew all the time. Before those heaters, I had to rotate MPs in and out of there every two hours to keep them from getting frost bit because the electric baseboard heaters in those shacks couldn't keep up. After we installed the infrareds, even the guys standing outside in the wind in front of that roll-out heater complained they were too hot. It was easy to fix, we just told them to aim the things away from them when they felt too hot.



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