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Chad Fabry

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Originally posted by Chad Fabry

Is it allowed to have a 200 amp panel with 40 circuits and only have 100 amp mains? I can't think of any reason it'd be a problem.

It depends on the panel. Look at the label. There'll be a diagram showing exactly how many breakers it will accommodate, including where you can put half-size breakers.

My hunch is that 40 breakers is too many for most 100-amp panels.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Well, in at least one sense that violates the manufacturers' intent, if not specs, since they make no such panel for a reason (100 amp 40 circuit). It would be pretty easy to overload such a panel, or in this case the feeders. You could always calculate the load I suppose, but that sort of slippery slope ain't for me. I would recommend installing the proper sized feeders for the 200 amp rating, whether they were actually using more than 100 amps or not at the moment. If they chose not follow the recommendation, YA is C.

They don't even make a 150 amp panel beyond 30 or 32 circuits.

Brian G.

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