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sandblast limestone foundation


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I have an old brick home with a limestone foundation, the basement walls need tuckpointing and I would also like them cleaned up and sealded up, lots of moisture and mildew from spring to fall, I don't have any drains in the floor as the main drain runs out a foot above the floor,could I sandblast,tuckpoint and then seal?

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Not sure that sandblasting would be a good idea. I remember back in 1983 when a fire severely damaged the PMO at Ft. Devens they blasted the old brick of the exterior to clean it using buckwheat hulls instead of sand so that they wouldn't damage the 60 year old brick.



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1) Don't sandblast. Like folks said, it'll screw up the finish something terrible. There are other means for blasting, such as seed hulls, little plastic balls, etc. Don't chew up the stone with the wrong abrasive mix. Honest, you really shouldn't blast it at all.

Don't use a pressure washer either. It'll destroy the wall.

2) You can't seal moisture out from the inside. If you want it dry, you have to trench the exterior and apply a waterproof or drainage plane membrane. If you seal it from the inside, the wall can't breath to the interior, and it will retain moisture, accelerating the deterioration of the wall.

3) It's not tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is a 19th century decorative application to a specific type of masonry, most common in England. The term is bastardized to mean just about any smearing of mortar on mortar.

You're going to point, or repoint, the mortar joints. You want to use a mortar that is compatible with the original mortar, or you could create a mess. Make sure your repair mason understands mortar compatibility.

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