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10 amp, 250 volt receptacle???

Jeff Beck

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Has anyone ever seen something like this receptacle?

A broker that I do a lot of work for just sent me this picture so I don't know the outlet is actually wired.

It appears to be 4 prong, 10 amp, 250 volt. I went to the NEMA site and searched for Mag Nus and 4 prong receptacle but haven't found anything.

Google hasn't turned up anything either.

Click to Enlarge

64.29 KB

Kind of hard to figure what it would be used for at 10 amps. I would imagine that low of amperage would rule out dryers and ranges.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Beck

Foresight Inspection Service LLC

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Jeff, I might be wrong on this and hopefully someone else will confirm this, but...

I believe that's really just an old 120-volt receptacle with two 2-hole, non-grounded configurations. There was a time when plugs came in a variety of prong configurations. The "250-volt" you are seeing is just the maximum voltage, it doesn't mean that it can actually take two hots.

I could be wrong. It happens!

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