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Just got a call and turned a job down.

I've referred it to you, Randy, don't know if you're available or not.

I did inspections for this particular realtor's clients for 6 - 7 years. He often complained about how long I took to do inspections, and said I was too picky, but he'd continued to refer customers to anyway. About 3-4 years ago I stopped hearing from his clients; guess he'd found someone who was faster and wasn't as anal as I am.

Anyway, he just called up and wanted me to do the job tomorrow. Hmm.

For the past few weeks I've been normally booked one to two weeks ahead. However, I'd had a cancellation for this coming Friday, so I told him that I'd be happy to do it then. That wouldn't work.

Then he wanted to know what time my inspection starts tomorrow and whether I could squeeze his client in before or after the one I'd already scheduled.

Since I only do one a day, I turned it down. I'm willing, occasionally, to squeeze someone in; however, not when it's clear that I'm being called as the last resort because I'm too picky.

13 years in the biz last month and still haven't been to an arbitration or sat in a courtroom 'cuz someone is pissed at me 'cuz I rushed a job - or for any other reason, for that matter. Think I'll just keep on mosey'n on the way I've been doing.

Good luck to whoever picks it up.



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