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are this good classes to be taking for electrical


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ENE-21 Drafting 3

ENE-22 Engineering Drawing 3

ENE-27 Technical Communication 3


ELE-27 Technical Communication 3

ENE-30 Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) 3

ENE-33 Machine Design 3

ELE-21 DC-AC Electronics 4

MAT-11 College Algebra 4

MAT-36 Trigonometry 4

WEL-34 Metal Joining Processes 2


ENE-34 Metal Joining Processes 2


MAN-34 Metals Joining Processes 2

Electives (Choose from list below) 6-8


CHE-2A Introductory Chemistry, I 4

ENE-23 Descriptive Geometry 3

MAC-51 Machine Processes 3


MAN-51 Machine Processes 3

MAT-5 Calculus, A Short Course 4

MAT-12 Statistics 3

PHY-2A General Physics, I 4

Plus completion of the graduation requirements as described in the catalog.

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From what I have seen of people pulling wires in the field, you may learn something from people in the field, but I am not sure if it is what you want to know.

Check with local community college or technical college. They often have programs for the trades. You would learn the correct way to do things and would likely have to become familar with the electrical code. A much better system than relying on a fella who is only passing along what he learned from the guy who has been at 6 month longer.

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