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Merits of using a mesh rainscreen for stone veneer


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For a new Manufactured Stone veneer install, I am trying to determine the value of installing a polypropylene mesh behind the lath.

What are your thoughts?

There doesn't seem to be enough data on its usage to remove the ambguity I am feeling about using it.

I will be doing an install on my own home.

Would adding this extra layer of protection be worth it?

Does it add any extra problems, like flexing of veneer or a nice home for insects?

All of the MSV install instructions I have read say to use 2 layers of grade D building paper as a weather resistant barrier.

Building Sciences article also says 2 layers are ok. Don't remember date on the article.

I live in Western PA.

The veneer will be about 42" high drystack(no or little visible joint).

The wall gets the setting western sun with no landscaping to block it from heating up the wall.

I have read about the solar rain problem in BSC.

I plan on following Owens Corning drawing http://www.culturedstone.com/technical/ ... tail2a.asp.

Namely, sheathing(plywood), 2 layers of grade D building paper,lath, scratch coat, weep screed, SAF at sole plate and metal through flashing at top of foundation wall.

Thanks in advance.

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What does the stone manufacturer say about the mesh if anything?

This is from Owens Corning. It seems to be a standard statement other manufactureres make.

Some building codes require a rainscreen behind cladding

materials, including manufactured stone veneer. If you are

installing manufactured stone/brick veneer in one of these

jurisdictions, or are concerned about extreme weather conditions,

it is recommended that you choose a rainscreen system that can

achieve the following:

• The system should create a space with a minimum depth of


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