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How about this setup?

Robert Jones

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Is there a P trap for the washer? What about water freezing in the exposed pipe. What about PVC not rated for direct exposure to sunlight? How about improper slope of the pipe and lack of support for the vertical pipe.

Why install an air vent when it can be directly vented to the exterior?

This is definitily DIY and does not meet any plumbing standard. Condem the entire thing and replace by a licensed plumber.

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The garage was converted into a mother in law unit. The waste line you see is attached to the washing machine. Besides the obvious of the gray water emptying into the city runoff(running into a tight line), what about that air vent?

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49.62 KB

Well isn't the downspout doubling as the vent. I see no need for the AAV.[:-taped]

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