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Old style shingles


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Do they still make these?

Up until recently, Certainteed and Tamko were making them. There might be some still available, but I don't think anyone is manufacturing them now.

If they don't, how about a time line and the proper name for the style.
Interlocking asphalt shingles were manufactured from the mid 1920s until very recently. In the late '90s, I saw one still in service that was documented as having been installed in 1929. At one time, they were affectionately referred to by those in the industry as cereal box-top shingles.

Since the process of applying seal-strip adhesive was developed, the popularity decreased. Now with dimensional shingles being the most popular, interlocking shingles are no longer in demand.

The interlocking shingles in your picture look like the type referred to as "T-lock". Tamko still made T-loc shingles until recently.

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You are the man. "T lock" Knew I'd heard that before.

There are actually quite a few homes around here with them. They all look fifty years old and in pretty fair shape. I Got to believe the roof pitch has something to do with their longevity. This one is of course is, how shall I put it? SHOT!

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Get a copy of The Roofer's Handbook by W.E. Johnson (Craftsman books). It's got a whole section on T-lock shingles.

I don't know if they're still popular there, but when I lived in Colorado in the mid 1990's those were the shingles of choice around Colorado Springs because of the high wind conditions.

There's a company in the mid-west that still produces them and installs them.




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