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no room to whine

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I fall into that weight catagory. I also think that regardless of the wind gust, my overall shape acts like an airfoil, creating a low pressure area above my head, making me lighter, thereby reducing my total weight, causing an imbalance...and falling off...hope only thing hurt is your pride. Too low for a parachute..

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Note to friends.......

Wind force increases exponentially with velocity. As it picks up, danger increases greatly.

Be careful out there.

can't forget inspector age.... ladders and roofs are usually less of a problem for me than old age, the mind is willing the bod just doesn't agree... I don't bounce as good as a few years ago....

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Warning Thread Drift

Speaking of wind, yesterday the wind was gusting 30 – 50 mph. I was walking to the County office to meet the tax appeal board. The courts are in the same building. I walked by 2 working class guys getting out of their pick-up truck and over heard a bit of conversation that made me believe they were headed to court. They had a thick stack of papers in a file drawer folder (the kind with no pockets). I reach the corner and start across the road when I hear these two guys screaming & cussing. I turn around and see papers blowing at 30+mph down the road. Papers were blowing up as high as the 5 story building. One guy was one his hands and knees in the street (almost lying on his belly) trying to hold a pile of papers from getting away. The other guy had his foot on another pile and was trying his hardest to catch the loose papers as they blew away. The wind was so strong it kept lifting papers from the piles the guys were trying to hold down. They were frozen in place because if they moved to try and collect the papers the wind would catch some of them and take them away. There was no saving the situation. It is funny and sad at the same time.

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