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Force Multipliers

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Thanks Mike! Awesome video. There's nothing like a great display of military might. I had the pure pleasure of going out to sea twice on the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis for the air show of a lifetime, thanks to my son who worked a catapult. What a rush - supersonic flybys, countless touch-n-gos and launches.

It's darn near unfathomable what we can do today. That ship is slightly longer than the Empire State building is tall and 24 stories from the key to the top, yet can cruise at darn near 60 MPH! - crazy. It was built here in Newport News, and Keith is a plank owner. After sailing around the world, it was delivered to San Diego. My son's four years were up, so, Keith got off the ship and my son-in-law, who had just graduated from Annapolis, got on as a navigaotor flying Prowlers - same boat opposite coast. He's stationed in your neck of the woods at Whidby Island.

Ever since 911, I offer a 25% discount to anyone who has or is currently in the military or law enforcement. When they arrive, the first thing I do is shake their hand and personally thank them for their service.

Those boys on the flight deck worked unbelievably hard averaging 3 - 5 hours sleep a day if they were lucky. If the jets were flying, which they usually were, they were working. We can't thank them enough for the sacrafices they make so we can sit around and do this. [:-thumbu]

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Similarly, the cannon nicknamed the Sea Whiz on the aircraft carriers, that looks like R2 D2, when locked on to a target does a quick little honing right, left, up down and then begins to spew out lead at the ridiculous rate of something like 3000 rounds a minute, literally obliterating an incoming missile. The cannon barrel has to be refrigerated to prevent it from melting! That's the reason for the jacket that makes it look like R2 D2. Amazing stuff.

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Most troops are PV2's or PFC's before they leave AIT anymore.

I'm not sure whether your question is serious, but if it is and you meant to say, "Do they let raw recruits drive those things," the answer is yes - after they've put them through tanker school and they've spent a whole lot of time on the driving course.

OT - OF!!!


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Not entirely serious. I served 145 days IRR, and received a medical discharge at 0500 the day I was ship out to basic at Fort Knox, KY. Seems a blown ACL qualified me as a bad investment. Mom served as an Army nurse in the reserves, my step brother is a lifer in the Air Force, my uncle met his wife while stationed in NC, and my step dad currently works for a Homeland Security contractor keeping Border Patrol and the Coasties afloat. Service kind of runs in the family. Sometimes I regret that I lost the opportunity to serve, but basting in my own gravy in a tank during Desert Storm is an experience I'm glad I missed.


Almost Armored Calv.

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