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AC attached to chimney

Mike Lamb

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All the buildings around and this one I looked at had a similar set up. Unfortunately, this is a 3 story bldg. and I did not go on the roof. Has anyone seen this before?

I'm thinking this is a bad set-up for several reasons but the main one being gases coming out the chimney will eat up the AC components. Four gas fired water heaters and furnaces use this chimney.

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Hi Mike,

There's always:

R1001.5 Additional load.

Chimneys shall not support loads other than their own weight unless they are designed and constructed to support the additional load. Masonry chimneys shall be permitted to be constructed as part of the masonry walls or reinforced concrete walls of the building.

Ask to see the design work and permit.

Tom Corrigan

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There is supposed to be a 'flat' work surface at the A/C unit for repairs, maintenance plus, how's the tech gonna get there?

A ladder would get the tech up there no problem. Those units would be a piece of cake to work on as most everything is waist high.

Some of the rooftop units I worked on were in such a bad location - oy vey. I remember taking a panel off a rooftop unit and the wind ripping it out of my hands. All I could think of was "please don't let it hit the Presidents car!!".

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