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I had a first today . . .


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How close to the ridge was the turtle vent?

Were the eves or dormers vented?

Why is there different insulation on the two sides of the attic?

Last month I was at the Las Vegas airport and got into a discussion with a ridge vent roofing materials rep about wind scour of insulation as well as snow drifting at ridges. (Do I know how to have a good time in Vegas or what?)

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The snowfall in my area has been the heaviest since sometime back in the 1970s. I didn't measure, but the turtle vent was maybe a couple of feet away from the ridge. The house was +/-50 years old, so various owners have added insulation as they saw fit. Ventilaton was primarily provided by big gable louvers in the eaves.

Brad, cool diagram.

The rest of the insulation was dry, but I have no clue about how much snow was in the attic after the huge dumping that took place this past Monday.

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