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Parking Deck Ventilation Fan Control?


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That was my first thought but the dial goes to 215. I guess that could be because it is an "industrial control". That is a little crazy high. Is anyone sure that this is a thermostat?

I am also wondering if it could possibly be a Carbon Monoxide sensor. Alternatively if you are not sure what it is - BUT if you know it is NOT a CO sensor, please post. This should have a CO sensor but this is all that I see on it.

Built in the 80's.


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The below grade parking structures that I have put in all required Carbon Monoxide detectors that would start the fans and cycle them until the CO dropped to safe levels. I am only familliar with several sensors for the last 10 years or so, and this is not like the ones I have seen. Also the systems we use have an electronic control unit that ten or twenty sensors tie into, several of the structures are also zone controlled.

Did the fans cycle while you were there? You could test it (after yo verify what it is) by parking a running car next to the sensor for a while. The system I have usualy react withing 1 minute.

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What did that system cost (in ballpark terms). I'm guessing about $5-8k per 150 -200 cars. Is that close?

The controls were probably 20K installed (the electronic controler was over 4K), not including the fans and plenums throught the PT structural deck along with the sound isolation venting through the roof on one of the buildings built over the parking structure. The parking structure has 320 parking stalls on one floor below grade into the water table.

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