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Curb stop in driveway


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I ran into something new today. The curb stop was situated in a concrete driveway directly in one of the wheel paths. The slab has cracked and settled leaving the cap of the curb stop about 3/8" above the surface. The house was vacant, so I don't really know when the problem occurred. There was no evident damage noted.

Coincidentally, the city showed up to turn the water on for the inspection while I was there. I asked them about it and they said it's not a problem for them and stated that damage would not be unlikely as it is "only the cap"

I informed the buyer to speak with the city utility about it before closing.

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What would you think about this?

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its common to see them slightly above the surface depending on who installed it or the driveway.

as long as its clear of concrete around the diameter ill usually just lay a 2x4 on top of it and give it a couple thumps with a 2lb sledge depending on how easy it moves.

the stopbox basically a piece of pipe with a squashed end that telescopes inside another pipe,normally they are extended all the way so there is usually 12" or so of play in there.

ive got 5-6 stop box replacements allready lined up ,just waiting on snow to melt so we can start on them

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