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ice damming

John Dirks Jr

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We had unusually heavy snow this winter in my area. Because of this, there has been alot of roof leaks caused by ice damming.

More often than not, roofers in this area do not install the extra ice dam shields that are used more commonly in the more northern regions.

Because of the potential I have recently seen for ice damming to cause water damage to interior walls, I'm now more concerned with looking for the presence of extra ice dam related materials when I inspect roofs.

Are there any IRC codes that address ice damming and the need for installation practices that help prevent damage from such?

How many of you look for these materials and report on their presence or lack there of?

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Hi John;

You are right, half of my calls right now are for "water was dripping in above my bay window." I spoke with a roofer who works both Maryland and southern Pa and he says it is not required by the IRC or any local codes that they know of. He mentioned that they had done a home where they used Grace ice shield on the entire roof deck at the customers request but the snow was so high on the roof that the water got in behind the siding on two dormers. He also said they found ice damming so bad that the water was getting under the shingles and backing up past the 3 foot of ice shield that was installed on many homes. What ya going do, it was a record snow year here. I'm thinking of branching out into snow removal! [;)] (Not!)


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