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Drain Tile filled with Mud

Mark P

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The bottom of the sump has a lot of mud inside. The drain tile enters the sump from two sides. One side is clear the other is filled with mud. Hose built in 1994. No signs of any water intrusion problems. What does the mud mean and how did it get in there? Any ideas are appreciated especially since my customer is the city attorney?

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Coulda easily just been dirt that got into the drain tiles while they were lying around the construction site prior to install.

If not, expect to see the flatwork about the perimeter of the house start to sink someday from the loss of soil below.

Have a camera run through the drain tiles to check their condition, to see if they're full of dirt/mud/soil. If they're clear, I wouldn't worry, 'specially if the house is more than a couple years old.

That said, sometimes it's hard to get a camera snaked through corrugated drain tiles.

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Yep, and it can't be fixed.

Sure it can. All you need is a jack hammer, a bunch of 5 gallon buckets, and a truck load of illegals to muck it all out. Or you could call Mike Holmes and he'll bring all that stuff for you, but I'm not sure I could put up with a camera crew in my basement[;)]


I was assuming exterior drain tiles, not interior.

I also didn't look at the one pict. showing a mud-clogged tile.

Anywho, fixing exterior ones means lots & lots of diggin', but we all knows dat.

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