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Wall Anchors,basement waterproofing etc

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http://picasaweb.google.com/10104903458 ... roofing36#

Umm, wall is bowing in. Clay soil and possibly underground roots causing wall to bow in, caused exterior-cracks and cracked parging which then allows water to enter block wall which then causes mold and quite a few will get efflorescence.

Those exterior cracks also allow soil-gases to enter,termites and other insects can also get in.

Yet again, another example of inside system companies incompetence. Misrepresenting many homeowners actual problems for SELF GAIN. Each wall anchor likely cost $500-$1,000.

Wall should have been hand dug outside, get all the clay etc off the wall....waterproof the wall and backfill w/all gravel.....STILL needs exactly that. So who gained? Only the inside system knothead.

Younger couple recently bought this house,were told the inside system and sump was just fine,was all that was needed....really?

http://picasaweb.google.com/10104903458 ... rproofing#

Again, misrepresenting what was causing the cracks and misrepresenting how-where the water was actually entering for self-gain.

So buyers stuck with a BILL to correctly repair/waterproof the actual-problems on the outside! Idiots. You have to stop the water from WHERE its actually entering to stop MOLD etc. Inside system=waste of money. Who profited? Yeah. And where are they now,wheres that bunch O chtt Lifetime guarantee?

Unfair Sales Practices? You bet!


2 families....and another supposed Lifetime guarantee.

Another buyer gets screwed. Was told NEW driveway seller paid for would solve leaky basement....pfftttt. You can`t SOLVE the problem without knowing what the problem(s) IS,you have to find/identify how-where the water is ACTUALLY getting in! Jesus Kristmas people,wake up.

http://picasaweb.google.com/10104903458 ... roofing14#

NEW driveway poured atop old.....plus someone put an underground drain in and pipe plus seller caulked/tarred along edge of house and new driveway AND...painted inside wall(Drylok shtt)...still leaked,more efflorescence etc. The photos PROVE,SHOW how-where the water first got into the hollow blocks.

Pouring a new driveway or raising and sloping the grade and extending downspout extensions 2 miles away does not,has not EVER identified/determined ANYONE`s actual problem and has not solved/repaired the actual problem/existing defect.

Couple of home inspectors who 'get it'.... http://www.nachi.org/forum/f23/basement ... tem-42321/

....HI is right on the money, says/knows...homeowner was ripped off,exterior excavation needed to properly waterproof.....Building inspector INEPT etc

2nd last paragraph he`s right on the money where he says...in his opinion 'Internal weeping tile installation is not a good solution...as the messy and costly installation may affect the structural intergrity of the basement floor slab AND does nothing to stop further deterioration of the outside of the foundation walls' http://homes.winnipegfreepress.com/inde ... icle&id=24

...'may affect strucural integrity'....something like this $15,000 http://www.wwmt.com/news/edwards-25979- ... ement.html

'further deterioration'...something like this http://picasaweb.google.com/10104903458 ... roofing09# photos 3-12

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http://picasaweb.google.com/10104903458 ... roofing41#

Just another incompetent-moronic inside system installed.

Duh, the CAUSE of the cracks and walls bowing in and leaks and mold etc are on the OUTSIDE/against-the-walls and so DUH, installing this GARBAGE w/some beams or carbon straps or wall anchors does not ever remove any of the causes,does not stop the stupid water from WHERE IT`s ENTERING, thus won`t stop-prevent mold,efflorescence etc.

WASTE of over $10,000. The inside system jokers got their money and they`re looooooong gone as Ernie Harwell would say.

http://www.lrb.usace.army.mil/AmherstSo ... hotos.html

Pic`s 1-2-3 LATERAL PRESSURE CAUSING step-crack, causing vertical crack, causing top of basement wall to bow inward 9 inches.

(pilasters failed to brace wall)

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Ya'know, listening to you rail on and on can get pretty tiresome. How about presenting your information a little more objectively in an article format accompanied by pictures and followed by a bibliography instead of links to disconnected stuff all over the web. I can guaranty you I'd then be interested in reading it. Instead, I read the first couple of sentences, looked at the user name, and clicked on to the next post without a second glance.

Explain the premise of the article and then lead us through, with careful explanations, photos and diagrams, why your outside method is superior to the inside method.



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Explain the premise of the article and then lead us through, with careful explanations, photos and diagrams, why your outside method is superior to the inside method.


Keep in mind that future clients may research your name, read what you wrote, and move on to a slick tongued individual with much less experience, who presents himself better. I have a sneaking suspicion that you don't like interior waterproofing companies[:-slaphap, but their sales approach sucks or scams customers into using them. Unfortunately, being a good writer and salesman is over half the battle.

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