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Pretty Kewl - Top 10 Fly-Bys of All Time

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Nice... I got to stand on the flight deck of the USS Stennis twice out in the Atlantic as a F14 Tomcat, which was one menacing looking beast of an aircraft, did a supersonic flyby. What a rush. At first all you could see was a speck out there with a trail of black exhaust as he kicked in the afterburners. As it got close, you could see little mini-clouds instantly form on the leading edge of the wings due to compression. Then it silently flew by followed shortly by a deafening boom that could literally be felt as well as heard. It was something I'll never forget.

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Great find Mike!

Team USA - good shit!!

Aw, I don't find this stuff. I don't have the time. I'm networked into a bunch of old salts that spend a bunch of their time remembering the good ol' days in the military and eat this stuff up. A couple of the things I posted here in the past were forwarded to the group by one of the Son Tay Raiders.



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