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Camera drains


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I do have a see snake mostly because I like toys. I have found it useful once or twice to get behind something or under it when my big bod doesn't fit, but I don't use it in walls unless absolutely necessary. It is beyond a visual inspection and I don't want to open that door.

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just wondering if anybody has building drain and sewer camera'd as part of inspection?

If you were doing it alone, it could easily add another hour to your inspection and become a real distraction.

I have a friend who added it to his inspection routine, but he doesn't run the camera himself. He has an employee who's dedicated to just running the camera. That guy's busy full time.

Of course, out here, nearly every transaction gets a sewer scope, no matter how old the house is. Realtors just recommend it as a matter of course.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I tell folks to do it all the time. They usually send me the video to review it.

I wouldn't want to do it though. Done it in the past; don't want to anymore.

Gear can cost you around $10,000 to get set up right.

http://www.gorlitz.com/video-inspection ... fo_25.html

You want (at least) model R69722.

There's cheaper stuff; I've seen setups for around $5000.

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