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    • 1 hour ago, Tom Raymond said:

      Isn't the purpose of licensing for consumer protection? Guess that's not important anymore.

      New NJ law effective summer of 2021.   It is now illegal for professional licensing boards to "discriminate" against candidates based on any criminal history or criminal conduct.

      Apparently, public protection = discrimination.

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    • By Mike Lamb
      This is from a 2018 three story condo building. The east had much efflorescence. The rest of the building was good. I found the efflorescence to be excessive. How important is this to the owners of the building to do something about it? My remarks below in the report are a little wishy-washy.  There is much efflorescence (white powder) at the east and back walls of the building. This is typically caused by excessive moisture coming into contact with the water soluble salts in the brick and/
    • By Jerry Simon
      I've got these tiny, pinhead size black specs/residue on my white acrylic bathtub surface after use.  When I wipe them off, they smear like tar.  I believe it's some sort of deteriorating rubber residue from a pipe or a faucet, or perhaps my water heater.  Bled my water heater, and no sign of residue.  Unless/until I get some other good advice, hopefully here, I'm going to replace the tub faucet cartridges where perhaps their deteriorating O-rings are the culprit. Having trouble, though, kn
    • By Bill Kibbel
      Folks often ask how long I've been doing this.  My reply is often followed by "you must've seen everything".  This immediately triggers a barrage of shit I've never seen before.  There was another one in the carriage house too.
    • By John Dirks Jr
      Hello gentlemen.  I was wondering if you had insight on cook range heat elements.   My father’s Samsung oven lower element burned open about a year ago.  It was easy to get a replacement part and install it so I did.   It’s now burnt open again.     The previous part we got was $50 from Amazon.  Is it a cheap part and that’s why it didn’t last?   If so, how can we make sure to get something that will last longer?  Are there other conditions that might make an element fail with a short lif
    • By Wolverine
      I have received permission to open this panel- but haven't seen one of these without a flathead (or phillips)...this access point is flush like a nailhead. Any suggestions on how to open this? Plan to use a putty knife and hammer to unseal the years of outdoor paint.
    • By Jerry Simon
      Nate found out it was true; most new home inspectors don't last long in this biz.
    • By Mike Lamb
      This basement floor had a bunch of relatively straight cracks at various locations. The builder told me that they were control joints and the method used is to lay a strip of metal – Or something like that –beneath the concrete surface and an intentional crack will develop there. I never heard of this and my research came up with nothing to corroborate. He said it was a relatively new thing. I don't think it's a problem but is the fellow full of malarkey? Thoughts?
    • By jonny_drone
      How do you price your inspection services? I just got my 107 to fly a drone commercially and want to get into inspections. I heard they are where the money is. I found this blog post that has drone inspection calculators. Are they pretty accurate or do you guys charge more?  
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    • We are seeing drone videos everywhere now. Realtors use them to get arial views of the property. This could be a foot in the door for a home inspector in the second decade of this century. I imagine You could offer cheap shots of the house, and I'm using the catch phrases liberally for those who read between the lines. Cheap shots, then foot in the door, because part of the roof nobody looks at is the back of the attic. So send your drone back there to clear out the cobwebs. When I was inspecting steady, I couldn't take the time to do droning, too. I used the pole camera a fair amount, especially for condo buildings when I couldn't get roof access, I'd find a window on the top floor. Drones of today seem to be quite sophisticated and if there's anything that gets a realtor's attention, sophistication is something we can all use to our advantage, y'all.  😎
    • Well thanks for stickin' around. Up here in retirement villa, I am surrounded by boring old farts, so it's cool to get on here where I'm surrounded by uh bunch nice people. 😎
    • I agree with everyone.  Phew - that was hard to write!  I have a bit more time now that I have cut back on my screen time on Facebook page(s).  My attitude is improving on a daily basis and I'm no longer getting nasty phone calls and emails telling me to calm down.  In fact, my wife thinks I have taken a lover or found that box of Whitman's chocolates!  
    • Those look like a lot of fun. I've got to admit though, the first thing I thought when I saw the cover was, "Jovrnal? What a bunch of pompous asses." 
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