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    • By Alberto Diaz
      I’m considering making an offer on a townhouse that has a support beam that is splitting. The house was built in 1970 and there are no sign of sagging floors. Is this something I should be concerned about? Thanks in advance. 
    • By Marc Arnold
      We moved into a home last December, and ever since then, I have experienced dizziness, blurred vision, nasal congestion and occasional body aches in my living room. This feeling does not seem to happen in other rooms like my basement, where I spend 9 hours of my day working. It also does not affect my wife and daughter who think I am crazy because of this.  In March, we had our HVAC system replaced. There was significant mold growth on the coil of the gas pack unit. The AC units and furnace
    • By JMark
      My apologies for the poor photo.  I have a new roof with several voids along the rakes due to the differing thickness of architectural shingles.  My roofer says it isn't an issue with regards to rain and moisture due to the starter strip, remains quiet when I raise the issue of wind, says there is nothing he can do, and calls me picky.  It would appear to me be a moisture and wind issue which could be corrected by ending the course with a portion of shingle the same thickness, but I'm not the pr
    • By mgbinspect
      Greetings all, One of my fellow home inspectors called me yesterday, as the "old guy" to see if I knew when installing an electrical service panel in a bathroom became verboten. He had actually been asked that question by a local county building inspection official, who is dealing with it in a renovated home. (Virginia is an unusual state in that only new work must meet new code requirements. Old work is deemed grandfathered.) So, I in turn reached out to Bill Kibbel, who suggested tha
    • By MPdesign
      Good afternoon. I know that this is a bit off-topic, but I know that yo uare some smart guys who have seen alot. I have installed alot light fixtures, but I have never see a mount like this. This is for a chandelier at the ceiling side.  Does anyone know how this was suppossed to be hung? It is threaded on the right side with female threads. There is an escutchean that slides over to cover this and the box at the ceiling.  Thank you! 
    • By EmperorSunLao
      Hello, My wife and I just bought a house and our inspector found there were pressboard shims in the foundation in the crawl space. We worked with the seller and the seller paid to have them replaced with hardwood shims. I don't really know if how they changed them is appropriate or not though. We have a few pictures of the new shims here, if you can please tell me if these look okay or if they need to send the contractor back in to correct them.   We really appreciate your help, t
    • By Franklin
      Can I install a neutral bar in a junction box?I have to relocate 4 panels to a new location approx 50’ away. I must junction box all of the branch circuits and extend them (splice) to the new panel location. All of this is in the job specs. Non of the existing neutrals are identified, so labeling the extensions would be pointless and tracing out every neutral is impractical. There are 4 panels, full  with 42 circuits. Thanks
    • By SNations
      Does anybody know anything about this type of electrical receptacle?  It was in a bathroom so I'm assuming it's supposed to be GFCI, but I don't see any "test" or "reset" markings (I don't know if that's required but I always see it).  Plus it was dead.  I've never seen one like this before.
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      Overheating Circuit Board?

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      Overheating Circuit Board?

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      Overheating Circuit Board?

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      Overheating Circuit Board?

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    • I have the heater running in a temporary way at the moment. One thing that threw me off was that the igniter and flame sensor both share the same neutral wire. When I was trying to get a micro amps reading I had no idea that all the amps were basically being grounded out by the neutral wire. As a temporary test only fix, I ran a wire from the flame sensor directly to pin 7 in the 9 pin harness. I saw the orange light light up to let me know the board detected a flame and the burners remained on. I was pretty relieved. I'll send an update with photos once I have the fix permanent.
    • I'm only moving that one.  I was also testing micro amps on the flame sensor. I couldn't get a decent reading while it was inside the furnace,  but while testing it over a stove burner I got 3.5 micro amps. I cleaned it up, but I still wasn't getting a good reading when mounted in the furnace. I decided to purchase a new one just to play it safe. The wire has continuity.
    • If you're going to start moving pins, definitely get a Molex extraction tool set. 
    • I take that back. After looking over everything more carefully it looks like I need to move pin 3 wire in p2 (6 pin harness) and move it to pin 7 hole in p1 (9 pin harness). I may need a Molex extraction tool. I've tried using tiny wires with no success.
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