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Found my first leaks with my IR camera today. The shower was leaking at the tile seat. Camera picked up the wet carpet and I confirmed the leak with my moisture meter. No other signs of leaks noted. Then found a leaking window. No moisture stains under the window or other signs of leaks. Check out the pictures.

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"Does this make you a solid proponent of IR? Was the investment worth it?


I think it's a very useful tool. Honestly unless I took my moisture meter out and scanned under EVERY window there is no way I would have found the leak in the first picture under the window. There was no evidence of a leak other then the thermal scan. Luckily it was raining that day and day before. Even scanning the wall with my MMS in scan mode I didn't locate the moisture. I had to use the pins . I would recommend one to everyone if you can afford it. I still have plenty of learning to do but am glad I made the purchase.

"Did you also take regular JPGs to overlay with the IR images?"

I don't know how to do that yet. I don't think my software program is capable of overlaying the IR pictures over a regular jpeg image. I usually take a picture on my digital camera and circle the wet areas in red and include the IR image with it. The resolution on my camera does suck. I will be saving for a much better more expensive camera that is capable.

"Will the software not make larger JPG images?"

You can zoom in on the image in the software program but I'm not sure the software will make the image larger. Might be how I saved the image and loaded it here. The software prints out a really nice PDF report and the pictures are a decent size on the report.

"What carpet was wet, and where was wet carpet located that you could not have found it? Maybe it's too early...:)"

Sorry left out a few key words there. I'll explain it better. The master bathroom had a really weird tile seat that sloped into a cast iron tub. I had a pretty good feeling it was going to leak so I ran the water for about 15 minutes. The tub backs up to the master bedroom and that is where I found the wet carpet. I scanned the carpet non evasively with the MMS and it registered dry. Then hooked up the pins poked the carpet and confirmed the moisture.

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What camera do you have?

Extech I-5. Resolution is 80X80. Bottom of the line but it's working. I found it used on ebay here in SC drove and picked it up for $1200. Figured why not? I could probably resell it for what I paid if not more. Looking into some more formal training before I step into a more expensive camera.

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