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nice boots

John Dirks Jr

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I was on a 1992 colonial today. The roof was relativly new but had fabricated lead boots. I could lift the cap off and see the PVC underneath. Never seen that before.

Are these guys the "best practice" type or what?

They're good practice. Remember that, strictly speaking, the PVC isn't supposed to be left exposed to UV.

A common problem with them is that squirrels will develop a taste for the lead. I rarely see them without little squirrel chew-marks on them. Every so often, I'll find them completey eaten up.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I've never seen it done like that. I occasionally see something like this:

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26.36 KB

In a cold climate the restriction can allow frost to build up and plug the opening.

Here's a low rent version:

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53.21 KB

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47.03 KB

I'm still scratching my head over that one. The best I can figure is the vent is too small and the builder slipped the bigger piece over it to fool the muni inspector.

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I don't recall, John. I doubt I figured it out. I just looked at the report and my only comment was that they are to close to the windows.

I don't know of any prohibition on the return bend. I don't know if I ever saw another one on a stack vent. Maybe someone here knows why you would use it.

It looks like the intake and exhausts on Cat IV furnaces that I see around here. Was there a furnace in the area below there?



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